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Jenny has been an AMAZING instructor! I started in October after years of not working out and finding myself having a hard time losing my baby weight after my 4th little guy. Since starting with her Ive lost over 25lbs(more than all my baby weight) and I'm still losing more weight and continuing to tone. For the first time in my life I have actual arm muscles! I've stuck around mainly because she is so encouraging and makes me feel included and accomplished even when I don't do as well as some that have been working out for years. She is always mindful of what I can and can't do, but somehow always manages to push me to do my max so I make sure to get a really good hard workout each time.   Ashley Welch

Jenny is an amazing Trainer, coach, nutritionist, and just an all-around great person. She has more patience than anybody I know. No question is ever too big, too small, or “dumb.”  And she ALWAYS tries to make you the best you! Thank you for everything, Jenny! ❤️ Lee Ann Nassbaum

Jenny is amazing! She is very encouraging to people of all workout levels and differentiates for each person as needed. It is apparent that she loves helping others attain their fitness and health goals!   Heather Kulberg

I started working out with Jenny 6 months ago in hopes to get some “me” time and some muscles. What I have gained has been so much more. She has encouraged me to push myself and do things I didn’t want to do or think I could. I box jump now, do burpees for 40 seconds straight, run a mile, plus so much more and it feels so good. I feel stronger, my attitude is better, and my energy has increased. I love the community of women and how we push each other to do the hard stuff. I am so grateful for Jenny and her passion for helping people get stronger and healthier.

 - Carroll Barron 

I have known Jenny for many years, and for the last 4 years I have followed her fitness journey. I was always an athlete and stayed in decent shape. Once I hit my late 40's and started the "change" it was a little more difficult to keep the weight off. This past year I was noticing that not only was the weight not coming off but I was gaining quite a bit more than usual and my energy level was at an all time low. I was at the heaviest I've ever been. I refused to get to 200lbs especially only being 5'4". With my 50th birthday approaching this year and knew I needed a change. I reached out to Jenny for some guidance, little did I know that action would change my life for the better. Jenny has not only guided me in the right direction but she has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader. She checks on me at least once a week and is always there when I have a question. She is very knowledgeable. Thank you Jenny for all you've done for me and continue to do. - Tina Gutierrez   ** I need to add that Tina has done an amazing job!  Shes lost 22lbs in 12 weeks

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