Friends of India supports an orphanage and ministry  in India.  Due to religious beliefs, Christians are being persecuted and many children end up orphans.  I have a deep passion for India, especially the children.   A young pastor name Beek, listening to Gods voice, obediently gathered the children in his village and began taking care of them, along with his new bride.  At 24 years old, Beek became the father of 24 children.  Today he is the father of over 5o children.  Beek and his orphanage provide academics, food, housing and teachings of Jesus Christ. 
In 2018, I was overworked and stressed out.    I jumped at the opportunity to get away, truly unaware of what I was about to encounter.  I was longing to find my purpose, it had to be more that my 8-5 job.  Most times we discover ourselves while serving others.  Off to India I went to check out this orphanage and serve the children and leaders. 
I came back a new person. 
What they taught me is priceless and will forever be a part of my life. What we have is so much more than many in our world.  In order to see what you have, sometimes you need to see what others do not.  I was able to return in 2019 and today I serve on the board, raising awareness and sponsorship for the children to meet their monthly needs.  
To support a child for $50/month please click here 
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